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Pop Up Dumpster Bag is a dumpster at your doorstep! It is the perfect tool for when a dumpster is just too large or inconvenient for household or construction site clean-up.

Pop Up Dumpster Bags hold up to 3,500 LBS or 3 cubic yards. This size varies by debris type. Check out our fill guide for more information. 

Pop Up Dumpster Bags are 8' L x 4' W x 30" H

Use this link to place an order for a Pop Up Dumpster Bag. From there you will be directed to the fill guide which will help determine the type of collection you should schedule. If you have any questions please email

No! That bag will be perfectly fine if it is kept out of the weather elements and in a cool, dry place. Please keep in mind that if it does sit in the sun for an extended period of time it will effect the bags durability.

Unfortunately, no. We do not feel comfortable with the possibility that as the Pop Up Dumpster Bag is used, it will begin to weaken in terms of support. Depending on the debris type, the bag may see punctures or tears that with continued use could pose to be a dangerous situation when it is lifted to the truck. We do however offer purchases through our collection service where you are able to purchase more bags that will be delivered by the driver at the time of collection. Just let us know when you schedule your collection or give us a call at 877-224-4285 or email us at during your scheduling for your collection.

You may only use the Pop Up Dumpster bag for items permitted in the acceptable items on the Pop Up Dumpster Bag site or bag insert. You (purchaser) are responsible for the contents of the Pop Up Dumpster Bag (including hazardous waste which is not permitted). Scheduled collection fees are not included in the purchase price of the Pop Up Dumpster Bag. You are responsible for all collection and disposal fees once you have scheduled your collection of the Pop Up Dumpster Bag.

Failure to follow Pop Up Dumpster Bag's instructions included with the bag or on the website or a breach of any warranty, representation, or covenant by You (purchaser) even if the negligence of Pop Up Dumpster Bag is alleged to have caused or contributed to the liabilities. Use of the Pop Up Dumpster Bag is at your sole risk and you agree to release, waive and discharge the indemnitee from any liabilities incurred by the use of the Pop Up Dumpster Bag.


We do not suggest to put anything in the bag one person could not pick up by themselves.

Pop Up Dumpster Bag must be fully intact for collection. If the bag is for example ripped, torn, or punctured, we will unable to pick it up for collection. We recommend ordering a new bag to transfer your debris into.

Unfortunately, the sun can be harsh! If the bag sits for a prolonged amount of time in the elements, the material of the bag starts to break down and makes it susceptible to breakage. Be mindful of the weather including when it is time for collection.

If you know that you will be filling the bag within a few days and it will be picked up, you can place the bag in the instructed areas for pickup before filling based on our bag placement guidelines.

We are not responsible for anything outside of the Pop Up Dumpster Bag. As with many construction projects or renovations, objects such as nails can make their way onto the driveway. Please go over the space that the bag was sitting on after collection so that you know there aren't any sharp objects or dangerous material left behind. Our drivers will sweep the area to make sure they clean up any missed debris the best that they can.

The Pop Up Dumpster Bag must still be accessible even if it has snowed. That means for the safety of our drivers as well as anyone in the surrounding area, we request that you do your best to remove the snow off of the bag when the time comes for collections. 

It's important to remember, especially in the colder months that snow is a possibility! If for any reason you are unable to clear the Pop Up Dumpster Bag in time for collections, we will have to charge a missed collection fee if the driver arrives at the location and is unable to collect the bag. 

We are happy to help with that! Please give us a call at 877-224-4285. Please know, that cancellations that are made less than 24hrs before the pickup can incur a fee of $50. 

Our main collection process involves a truck with a knuckle boom crane on it. Essentially, that means a truck with a long arm that extends out to reach over and grab the bag.

While we wish we could be at every collection with our boom truck, we sometimes have to invite subcontractors with their trucks for collections. These subcontractors are trained, meet our customer service requirements, and uphold our standards. They are local junk removal companies that specialize in cleaning up junk and debris. They are just part of our extended family!

Pop Up Dumpster Bags are only picked up with our trained professionals. We provide a service that is unmatched for care for your property and belongings. As a local company with a national reach, we try to maintain the standards we have set for ourselves for all those who use our services. 

You do not need to be home for your collection. The Pop Up Dumpster Bag guidelines must be followed in order to properly collect your bag. If there are any issues with the placement of the bag or debris type, please know that we will reach out to you with any problems.

Please go to Schedule A Collection and select a date that works best for you. Pop Up Dumpster Bag reserves a 5-day window for your collection. This range of days is an approximate window to accommodate the driver's schedule as well as weather that may be tough to work in. We operate Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM EST. 

A missed collection fee is added to your collection fee when there is an issue with picking up your collection. At the time of the arrival of the truck for example there should be nothing blocking the truck from getting the bag or weather impairments such as too much snow blocking the Pop Up Dumpster Bag. If there is a reason the driver must return when the bag is accessible, this fee will be added to your collection total.

Hazardous waste that is improperly managed or improperly disposed of can pose serious threats to human health and the environment. The list above shows what types of hazardous material must be recycled based on your community guidelines. It’s important to keep the community safe including the local wildlife, streams, or plants through properly disposing of these types of products or materials.

What you cannot place in the Pop Up Dumpster Bag:

  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals
  • Railroad ties
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Toxic hazardous material
  • Liquids
  • Medical waste
  • Food waste
  • Paints
  • Oils
  • Fuel or gas
  • Tube TVs / CRT monitors
  • Propane tanks
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • AC unit

Pop Up Dumpster Bag Steps

Place the bag in one of the following areas:

Curb in front of your house or within 15 ft of street
Driveway or parking lot where your property meets the street within 15 ft
Driveway or parking lot where there is a minimum of 10 ft. wide clearance
20 ft. away from any overhead power lines - Measured from ground to sky

Behind a fence - Fence can be no taller than 3 FT

If you have any questions or concerns please call us at 877-224-4285 anytime with questions. If we miss your call please feel free to email us at for further assistance. We are open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST.

Once you have opened your bag and placed it in an area based on the placement location of your Pop Up Dumpster Bag please follow these guidelines for filling:

  • Begin by starting to place heavier items in each corner. This will help the bag stay evenly distributed for weight. It will also help the bag stay upright for filling.
  • As you fill the bag up, continue to adjust the bag to maximize the available volume. This means adjusting the sides and making sure they are not pinched or folded over.
  • As you know, the scheduled collection means that there has been a debris type determined that you will be filling the bag with. Please keep in mind that the construction material and heavy materials should only be filled until the marked 10" inside of the bag with a black dotted line.
  • Once you are finished filling the bag please take a look at the blue strap handles. These handles must be able to touch so the bag can be successfully picked up. Use a rope or zip tie to hold the handles together.

On our main menu through our homepage, you will find the "schedule collection" button where you will be able to schedule a date for the collection of your Pop Up Dumpster Bag. 

  • The pop up dumpster bag can take up to 5 days to be collected.
  • We do not do collections on weekends (Saturday or Sunday).
  • Unforeseen events may occur like poor weather, which could change the date of your collection.
  • If the debris type is different than what was ordered, a $50 charge will be applied to accommodate the weight differences during collection.

You will be notified by either phone, email, or SMS for your collection. If you have any questions regarding pickup or the debris type please email us at to give you further assistance.

If the pop up dumpster bag placement requires us to drive on your driveway or that of another owner's property to get to the bag, Pop Up Dumpster Bag is not responsible for any damage done to the lawn or driveway.

The following rules must be applied if placing the bag in a spot in which our trucks need to access via the driveway:

Driveway must be at least 10 ft wide in order for our truck to fit
Dumpster bag can be placed no further than 15 ft from the driveway
If the driveway is inaccessible, the bag must be no further than 10 ft from the street
In order to pick up, the truck needs a minimum of 20 ft of clearance from the ground

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact customer service at 877-bag-haul or 877-224-4285 or email at for further assistance.


The window of time for the collections is approximate. This means that the window of time may change throughout the selected collection window depending on the number of collections a driver may have or the weather. We will reach out to you with any scheduling updates or information regarding your scheduled collection.

Please feel free to call us at 877-224-4285 anytime with questions. If we miss your call please feel free to email us at for scheduling.


Pop Up Dumpster Bag ships within 2 days of purchase. Orders made on Saturday or Sunday will go out on the following Monday. 

If your Pop Up Dumpster Bag has already shipped, we are unable to cancel the order until the bag reaches you. You can email us at for assistance.

That's ok! Just give us a call as soon as you find out! We'd be happy to adjust the address for you. Here is the phone number to call 877-224-4285. Our business hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM until 5 PM EST.

Once the Pop Up Dumpster Bag leaves our facility to you, it becomes the carrier's responsibility to deliver your package safely and on time. If you find that your package has not been received, we will try our best to find out what may be occurring or if there is a hold-up. Please reach out to us at for assistance.